We have more than 20 years of experience in successfully transforming workplaces for clients, in which we focus on creating a workplace that fits the future organisational reality. This enables the client organisation to become the organisation it aspires to be.

Hence, a full workplace transformation opens up the opportunity for our clients to continue transforming other aspects of the organisation, often focused on deep cultural and behavioural change.

We are experts in behaviours and change and we apply these insights to help our clients to realise their transformational aspirations.



Where workplace transformation opens up the opportunity for further organisational transformation, the successful organisational transformation relies on combining these three levers:​

  • Workplace Transformation
  • Behaviours & Culture​
  • Employee Experience​

We work with our clients to identify their opportunities for leveraging these three levers and how they combine for transformational outcomes.

Such transformations are often focused on strengthening performance, innovation, collaboration, agility or well-being.


Workplace forms the physical foundation of the organisation, and represents a unique opportunity to transform the workplace to bring all organisational aspirations together in a highly effective and efficient working environment.

Our workplace transformation solutions provide client organisations with the ability to:

  • Use the workspace to support the company's culture and brand
  • Establish a platform to facilitate behaviour change
  • Enable staff to work productively
  • Create the optimum workplace fit for the organisation of the future
  • Optimise flexibility and agility​

Bringing all of these outcomes together, provide opportunities for instigating wider organisational transformations.


Behavioural change is often a natural result of transformation.

We work with clients to identify which behaviours are the most important, assess how well these are performed, and define how best to enhance these, or facilitate new behaviours.

This includes aligning behaviours with existing or new cultural attributes to drive support for sustainable behaviour change. Cultural support is key to changing behaviours successfully.

These assessments form the basis for enabling behavioural change as part of either workplace or organisational transformations.


The ways employees experience their work, their workplace and the organisation are important parts of creating a workplace where people thrive.

The workplace itself forms the physical manifestation of the company's culture and brand, and by nurturing the employee experience, the organisation can pursue outcomes such as:

  • Driving desired culture​
  • Enabling choice​
  • Enhancing engagement​
  • Promoting well-being​
  • Nurturing community and belonging​

These results can strengthen both behavioural change and organisational transformations.