Behaviours & Change

Behaviours & Change

All change is essentially about changing behaviours, whether it relates to working environment, technology, structure, values, or outcomes such as performance and wellbeing.

We work with clients to identify which behaviours are essential, assess how well these are incorporated, and define how best to enhance these, or facilitate the embrace of new behaviours.

The end goal will be to align behaviours with existing or new cultural attributes to drive support for lasting behaviour change.

Individual Behaviour

Behaviour change is focussed on convincing individuals to actively embrace new behaviours, but the case for change is ideally addressing the whole organisation.

The challenge is to find the optimum balance between individual interventions for change, while addressing organisational change too. We help clients to define where their ideal balance is.

There are plenty of behaviour change techniques which have been scientifically tested. We seek to apply the most effective interventions.

Team Behaviour

The optimum group size for change interventions are typical team sizes. Team members are working together and have built their own working practices. Their internal norms and relationships help to build team cohesion.

Working with teams instead of individuals allow for team cohesion to build collective change. Once a tipping point has been reached with enough team members having adapted to the change, the rest are likely to follow.

We apply latest behavioural science techniques to incorporate both individual and team behaviour change.

Organisational Change

Whether behaviour change is implemented through individuals or teams, there is often an overall organisational change to address too.

Organisational change can be defined by adjustments in policies, structure, and processes. It could also represent a change of business strategy.

If change is a result of a merger or a push for new values, then culture change is the most desirable long-term goal.

Whatever the type of change, it is essential that changes in behaviours are aligned with the organisational change and vice versa.

Our experience and expertise will ensure that all the elements of change are linked and coordinated.


All transformations essentially build on behaviour change, and the behaviours which need changing, depend on the type of organisational change required.

We help our clients to understand the opportunities for transformation and support them through the entire implementation.

We have successfully delivered a large variety of organisational and workplace transformations through customised change programs across Europe and Asia.

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