Kemp & Associates was founded in 2009 in Singapore, and is operating in both Copenhagen and Singapore.

We are a specialist consultancy, focused on helping organisations and individuals to grow, using evidence-based approaches, founded on experience and science.

Our experience spans across Asia and Europe working with large client organisations and individuals.


Kemp & Associates has extensive experience working with multi-national companies across Asia and Europe, delivering transformations from Oslo to Cape Town and from London to Tokyo.

Our ability to combine consulting recommendations with change interventions to secure deliverables, and our combination of change with coaching, strengthens the effectiveness of the outcomes.

Our expertise is anchored in organisational psychology, behavioural science and workplace psychology and design.


Our philosophy is to collaborate with other consultancies and experts when it benefits our clients.

We have a successful partnership with Paperspace, conducting workplace transformations and change in Singapore, Bangkok and Manila.


We also collaborate with associated workplace and change consultants in London and Copenhagen.



Our clients represent a large variety of multi-national companies, covering such diverse industries as:

  • Banking
  • Law firms
  • Professional Services
  • Oil & Refining
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agricultural
  • Logistics
  • Academia


Kemp & Associates was founded by Niels Kemp Rasmussen in 2009.

Niels is originally trained as a lawyer in Denmark, but re-trained in organisational psychology while living and working in London.

He also holds a PG diploma in Change Management from London, and is certified as a Transformative Coach and a Positive Psychology Coach in Singapore.

Niels has extensive experience of more than 25 years as a leader and innovator, spanning most of Europe and Asia Pacific, working with and advising several large MNCs while based in London, Beijing and Singapore.

A highly persuasive and culturally perceptive professional who is able to visualise new connections and discover innovative solutions.

He is able to understand and utilise the forces at play economically, geographically, culturally and politically for organisational gain.