Kemp & Associates

Kemp & Associates was founded in 2009 in Singapore and is headquartered in Copenhagen.

We are a specialist consultancy focussing on wellbeing & productivity, behaviours & change, and work & workplace.

We work as consultants, advisors, and coaches with a wide range of clients across Europe and Asia.

Our practice is founded on 25 years of successfully optimising work and behaviours across Europe and Asia.


Our approach is anchored in evidence-based knowledge and practices, originating primarily from behavioural science and organisational psychology, as well as professional experience.

We possess deep understanding of human behaviours and psychology, reflecting the complex interplay between individuals, teams, and organisations.

Our experience spans organisational and individual transformations from London to Tokyo and Oslo to Cape Town.


Our clients represent a large variety of multi-national companies, covering such diverse industries as:

  • Banking
  • Law firms
  • Professional Services
  • Oil & Refining
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agricultural
  • Logistics
  • Academia


Kemp & Associates was founded by Niels Kemp in 2009.

Niels is a behavioural scientist from London School of Economics, an organisational psychologist, and an ex-lawyer.

His experience spans 30 years as a leader, innovator and change maker.

He is currently based in Copenhagen but has spent 26 years working and living in London, Beijing, and Singapore.

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