The strength of coaching is to enable individuals to transform their work, their life, or their behaviours.

Our aim is to help people grow, achieve their goals, build better wellbeing or move on from the feeling of feeling stuck at work or in life.

We specialise in three areas of coaching:

  • Executive & life coaching
  • Behaviour coaching
  • Wellbeing coaching

All of these are geared towards transformation, not only of the individual, but potentially also their colleagues and team members.

Executive & Life Coaching

Executive coaching is not only for executives but for everyone who wants to transform their work, their leadership, and their impact.

Life coaching is about helping anyone to overcome issues or barriers in their life, which are holding them back.

Our coaches have the experience and professional insights to support both coaching practices.


Our focus through behaviour coaching is to help make positive changes in individual behaviours, habits and thinking.

Behaviour change is difficult, and most people fail to make lasting change.

Through evidence-based techniques from behavioural science, we can help individuals to make a successful change in behaviours.


Positive wellbeing is no doubt the most important asset in anyone’s life. Most of us strive to enhance our own wellbeing, but are often unsure about what works, and uncertain about the best approach.

Our wellbeing coaching provides direction and accountability for individuals who want to create positive and sustainable wellbeing in their lives.

We are experts in wellbeing, and we apply latest research and knowledge to make new wellbeing behaviours stick.

Coaching Expertise

Our coaches are certified in different techniques, such as transformative and positive psychology coaching.

Our professional and academic coaching expertise is founded on:

  • Behavioural science
  • Organisational psychology
  • Culture, diversity, and psychological safety
  • Behaviours and change
  • Work and workplace dynamics

Please contact us for more information about our approach and availability.


Our Head Coach, Niels Kemp, is trained in transformative coaching and positive psychology coaching.

His clients are typically either executives who are struggling at work, want to be more effective, or want to be better at leading their teams, or any individual who wants to make changes in their lives, grow or transform.

Niels brings a lot of expertise from psychology and behavioural science to help optimising behaviour change, wellbeing and navigate the complexity of today’s work and organisational life.

As a bilingual, Niels offers coaching in both English and Danish.

You can view his profile on LinkedIn.