Change enables transformation, but transformation creates the future!

We help our clients to visualise their opportunities for transformation, and we continue to support them through the change itself.

Our change management services are geared towards defining the change needs and supporting our clients through the change.


We have many years of international experience designing and delivering change management projects ranging from 100 to 3000 staff members. ​

Our change management focus is to ensure the desired organisational transformation happens successfully. ​

Our approaches include assessing the need for change, the readiness for change, designing the change program and delivering the change activities. ​

We customise each project to the organisational reality of our clients, and scale our involvement to suit specific client needs.


Transformations and change often require substantial behavioural change from both individuals and teams.

Instilling changes in behaviours is the most difficult aspect of organisational change. Hence we apply evidence-based techniques and insights gathered from experience and science to facilitate a successful change outcome.

When appropriate we combine change efforts with coaching, by helping leaders to facilitate change within their teams, or support individuals struggling with the change.


Our experience tells us that change is often more successful when key stakeholders have been involved in designing the change and are integral to the delivery of change. ​

Hence we offer clients to participate in assessing what needs to change, the design of the change itself, as well as participate in the delivery of the change.

Co-creation is more likely to build effective interventions and solutions, and it invites stakeholders to take ownership in securing successful outcomes.


We use a range of tools and insights from behavioural science and positive psychology to optimise the success of the change interventions.

Our evidence-based approach to change, strengthens the success rate of the overall transformation. ​

We utilise these insights not only for change, but also for our coaching practice. It follows that both change and coaching combine well to facilitate behavioural change.