Work & Workplace


Work takes up approximately 90,000 hours over a person’s lifetime. How do we ensure that such a significant chunk of everyone’s life results in work that is fulfilling, interesting, and productive?

Through work people are capable of finding meaning, satisfaction and pride, but work can also cause stress and burnout. How do organisations and employees find the optimum balance between productivity and wellbeing?

We help organisations to enhance performance, flexibility, and wellbeing, while seeking optimal working conditions for individuals.

Individual Work

When work tasks & practices are aligned with flexible work modes, and matched with supportive work styles, there is a good chance work is both productive and fulfilling.

But work and how work is done has changed dramatically with hybrid work, and uncoordinated efforts threatens both effectiveness and wellbeing.

We work with organisations and individuals to bridge work behaviours, preferences, and hybrid work styles with organisational needs.

Our solutions rely on the specific context and the optimum balance between the many different factors.


Working together improves problem-solving, innovation, and productivity, and supports individuals to learn, grow, and build positive work relationships.

But new hybrid work practices are challenging traditional teamwork.

To avoid unproductive work dynamics, we work with organisations and teams to identify ineffective practices and build new effective hybrid work modes.


Workplace has traditionally been the physical anchor for organisations. The focus being on building environments that can anchor people to the organisation as well as connect with everyone across the organisation.

The COVID pandemic challenged this singular focus and forced companies and individuals to think far more holistically about work tasks, styles, and modes of work, as well as workplace configurations.

We support organisations by helping them to align their physical workplaces with new work modes, such as hybrid work, and delivering optimum behavioural solutions as well any other changes required to work itself.

Our solutions are built on delivering behavioural as well as physical changes to both work and workplaces.


The COVID pandemic proved that major change at work can take place without everything falling apart. Why not use this experience to pursue changes to further improve work and working environments for everyone?

Changes to how we work and where we work are powerful shifts which can bring about organisational transformations.

Such transformations can naturally integrate other significant organisational benefits, such as productivity and wellbeing.

Our experience and expertise enable us to work with clients to find solutions to all of the above challenges.