We offer transformational coaching to organisations, executives and private individuals. ​

We partner with clients in a thought-provoking, creative and results focused process with the goal to enable deep and sustainable change.

Our coaching also complements our other services such as advisory and change management, where coaching can add another layer of effectiveness to change interventions.


Our focus is on supporting leaders in strengthening:​

  • Leadership abilities​
  • People & performance management​
  • Development & growth​
  • Behaviours and change​
  • Cultural immersion​

We use a range of techniques and insights to make our coaching effective and leading to transformative outcomes.


Our coaching focus is to help clients overcome real or perceived barriers and create opportunities for growth.​

We apply a solutions-focused approach, but with clients setting the agenda.

By applying our techniques and insights, we are able to help clients discover new insights, overcome challenges, and make transformations in their lives.


Performance or well-being are often key focus areas for our coaching clients. It is natural to want both - to be able to perform well at work, while also living a happy life.

Because coaching is aimed at improving elements within life or work through a transformative process, it partners well with positive psychology which is focused on the optimal functioning of individuals.

Therefore, we combine both of these in our practice to allow for the optimum combination of performance and well-being.



Some of our clients want more from us than the standard coaching practice provides. ​

When appropriate, we draw from our comprehensive expertise and experiences to assist clients in uncovering new insights and paths to facilitate resolution. This can sometimes speed up the transformative process.

Experience focused coaching is particular effective alongside advisory or change management, when clients wants to tap into our subject matter expertise.


Our coaches are fully certified, each representing 25—30 years of global corporate leadership, strategy and multi-cultural experience. ​

We can offer a strong and relevant contextual foundation for coaching when required in corporate as well as individual life situations. ​

Our senior coaches also provide life long experiences of immersion in different cultures, relocations, managing life crises, career decisions and maintaining continuous learning and development. This adds richness to the ability to understand and relate to the client's challenges.


We apply an integrated approach to coaching through utilisation of a range of evidence-based techniques and insights.

This ensures flexibility, adaptability and optimum success in a wide range of coaching scenarios.

Our coaches are certified in Transformational Coaching and Positive Psychology Coaching.