We specialise in wellbeing, behaviours & change at work.

Kemp & Associates

We are behaviour change specialists who apply our expertise in behavioural science and organisational psychology to help organisations and individuals:

  • Increase wellbeing at work in partnership between organisations and employees.
  • Create behaviour change to support both wellbeing and productivity.
  • Sustain change through optimum working conditions, work practices and workplaces.

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Wellbeing & Productivity

Wellbeing at work is highly associated with positive outcomes in productivity, work motivation, creativity, and retention.

But wellbeing at work is also highly challenged by increasingly poor mental health caused by stress, burnout, anxiety, and depression.

Existing corporate solutions, such as wellness, are inadequate and make little or zero contribution towards improving mental wellbeing, not increase performance.

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Behaviours & Change

Most problems at work can only be addressed through behaviour change.

Yet changing behaviours are difficult and challenging, especially in the rapidly shifting context organisations and individuals are operating in.

We offer evidence-based solutions for sustainable behaviour change.

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Work & Workplace

The solutions to many of the challenges companies and employees are facing, can be found in what we do, how we work and where it is done.

Work and workplaces play a significant role in defining how individuals and teams can thrive at work while also being productive.

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Coaching is a powerful way to help individuals and their teams to transform their work, their behaviours or wellbeing.

When organisations want to support individual employees, or leaders want to become more effective, coaching provides the tools and insights to make this happen.

Our coaching business apply to individuals and cover both corporate coaching as well as private coaching.

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