Covid-19 has shaken up the world of work and shifted the balance from agile working in the office to remote working at home.

This brings numerous challenges, but there are also plenty of tools and insights to benefit from. We advise clients on how to establish clear guidelines and expectations, provide support systems for staff and equip managers with the skill to manage teams remotely.

We work with organisations and individuals to adjust to this change through our advisory, consulting and coaching


Agility is often amongst the top 5 future objectives for the clients we work with.

Organisational Agility requires being flexible and nimble, adjusting to growth and contraction with ease, and having a flexible management system that quickly can accommodate external change and exploit opportunities.

Our experience tell us that it is sensible to begin with building an agile working environment, and continue to build agile work flows, while enhancing a culture that embraces trust and collaboration.

We can help you and your organisation to consider the best routes towards agility.


The structure, processes and policies may be in place, but are leaders and managers equipped with the tools and skills to manage teams remotely?

We have the experience and insights to work with individual managers to enhance their effectiveness in managing remote working teams.

Or we can facilitate workshops for groups of managers to identify and build common guidelines and best in class tools.


Working remotely can have a big impact on individuals, and lead to feeling isolated from the team, ignored by management, being unproductive and uncertain about the future. Managers are often able to ease these issues and find resolutions.

However, when everyone struggles, we are able to help individuals finding their feet again, enable them to change the way they work, overcome their problems, or identify a way to resolve these with their colleagues.