We Specialise in Behaviours & Change


We work with clients to adjust their organisation, culture, policies, and workplaces to facilitate remote and agile working.

Covid-19 has shaken up the world of work, and shifted the balance from agile working in the office to remote working away from the office.

We are ready to support you or your organisation to adjust to the challenges around these new ways of working through our consulting and advisory.


We have more than 20 years of experience in successfully transforming workplaces for clients, in which we focus on creating a workplace that fits the future organisational reality, thereby enabling the client organisation to become the organisation it aspires to be.

Hence, a full workplace transformation opens up the opportunity for our clients to continue transforming other aspects of the organisation, often focused on deep cultural and behavioural change.

We are experts in behaviours and change and we apply these insights to help our clients to realise their transformational aspirations.


Our focus is to help individuals transform in their work or life, as well as facilitate organisations to transform through teams and individuals​

​We cater our coaching delivery to the specific client goals, and our approach is anchored in science and evidence-based methodologies.

Our coaching offering is often successfully paired with our advisory and change management services to deliver holistic and client-centric outcomes.


Change enables transformation, but transformation creates the future!

We help our clients to visualise their opportunities for transformation, and continue to support them through the change itself.

We have successfully delivered a large variety of organisational transformations through customised change programs and utilising evidence-based methodologies and tools. We are ready to support your organisation going through change too.


Well-being is the largest contributor towards organisational and individual success, making it indispensable for successful transformations.

There are numerous ways to enhance well-being for both individuals and organisations, and most of these are often integral to securing positive change.

We are great believers in the power of well-being and highly encourage putting it on the agenda wherever there is an opportunity for transformation or change.


Kemp & Associates was founded in 2009 in Singapore, and is operating in both Copenhagen and Singapore.

We are a boutique consultancy, specialising in behaviours and change, focused on helping organisations and individuals to transform.

Our international clients are anchored either in Europe or Asia, and we work effectively and comfortably in multi-cultural environments.


We believe in sharing our knowledge and insights, and we are constantly looking to enhance our own learning.

In our resource centre you will find videos and articles sharing our experience and knowledge.

Please contact us if you would like to know more, or have particular topics you would like us to address.